West Hartford doggie daycare with the little dog nannies: Abby and Keely

Need a Little Help with your Puppy or small dog? Let me (Abby), and my little sister Keely, take good care of your little doggie!  Were just 8 and 6, but our dad helps us when we need him. He is about 100 . . . we think .  We have a Papillon named Rasa that we just love.  We enjoy everything about caring for dogs.   We watch The Dog Whisperer with Cesear Millan on TV everyday . . . just about. So if you like Dog Whisperer you will like The Little Dog Nanny 🙂

Dogs love exercise, discipline, and affection. They like to know that there is a calm and assertive pack leader (like us). That way they feel comfortable, safe, and loved.

Your dog’s day with The Little Dog Nanny:

The puppy’s or small dogs explore their environment with our supervision. We make sure everyone knows we are good pack leaders so they will feel safe you should do that too.

Grooming (we love brushing dogs)

Walk for at least 45 min. they love walking as a pack

Rest , listen to soothing music , and give them affection

Mini obstacle coarse + training outside weather permitting: if bad weather the dogs will play at a jujutsu and karate school 🙂

More rest , music , and affection

Supervised free socallizeing play time

More rest music , and affection

A good walk as a pack

More rest and affection

See you soon pink balloon! For another wonderful day


Abby and Keely

P.S. puppies need a lot of rest time so don’t be worried if you think there is too many rest times because that is just what you’re very own puppy (or small dog) needs

Also if you’re dog or puppy is coming after breakfast be sure you feed them at home otherwise please bring you’re puppy or dog’s food so we can feed them for you.

call 860 233 3000 for a consultation or more information 🙂 🙂